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Celebrating our 35th anniversary

Back in 1985, Rob and Ida van der Erve founded the company that has become the Erve Group we know today. Their son Martijn van der Erve and his team have grown the company into a truly international / global fashion powerhouse.

During those 35 years a lot has happened, both within the company and in our world. To celebrate our 35th anniversary, we condensed these major events into a symbolic 35-second video.


Erve Group is a circle of companies that give everyone the opportunity to grow.

8 locations on 3 continents

Three pillars - One purpose

We stand for growth for our customers, our partners, and our people.
Step by step, better each time.


Erve Europe


Erve Europe (Van der Erve NV) began in 1985 in Brussels, the capital of Europe, forming the foundation of Erve Group.

Erve Europe is a European leader in character licences and brands. We produce branded fashion and apparel featuring TV, film, cartoon, and video game heroes.

Erve Europe’s head office and showroom are located in Zaventem, near Brussels.

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Erve UK & Ireland


Erve UK & Ireland design and produce high quality licensed and private label fashion apparel and accessories, made with love for the consumer.

We are a UK & Ireland based company with the knowledge, support, and expertise of the established and successful Erve Group.

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Beconnected is a leading producer of quality fashion and accessories. Our sourcing and trading company specialises in private label apparel and is a preferred supplier to major global retail chains and department stores. Beconnected sets itself apart through sustainable initiatives that put people and the environment first, quality controllers and in-house design teams around the world and exceptional order follow-up.

As reliable partners for major players in the fashion industry, we have built long-term relationships with our customers.

Beconnected has offices in China, Bangladesh, India, Africa, and Russia.

Beconnected Industrial


The first printing and labelling factory of its kind

Beconnected Printing and Beconnected Labelling are jointly known as Beconnected Industrial – the first high-tech textile printing and labelling factory in Ethiopia. Established in June 2015, the factory is an expansion of our global apparel sourcing division and is the chosen partner for top global fashion brands.

Complete with top-of-the-range equipment, a sprawling 5500-square-meter factory space, and an experienced technical team, we produce high-volume orders for the biggest names in the fashion industry.


Timeline Erve Group

1985 - Van der Erve N.V. establishment

Van der Erve N.V. (as the company was originally named) was established in 1985 by Rob and Ida van der Erve. Martijn van der Erve, their son, further developed the company into the fashion house for licenses and brands as it stands today.

1994 - First license

The company initially started with private label clothing. A partnership with Disney helped ‘Van der Erve N.V.’ grow in the licensing market in 1994.

2000 - Ni Hao China

After many years of production in Europe (mainly Portugal), Van der Erve N.V. began production in Asia, as did many others. ‘Made in China’ became a new statement.

2008 - Think west, source east

Beconnected is a Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) located in China, which was founded in 2008. The philosophy of ‘thinking west, sourcing east’ is embedded in daily business practices.

2012 - Beconnected Bangladesh

Four years later, a new office 'Beconnected Bangladesh' was opened.

2014 - Beconnected India

2015 - Beconnected Africa

2015 - Beconnected Industrial

Introducing the first textile printing and labelling factory in Ethiopia. High-tech machinery producing tagless heat transfer, printed and woven labels and tags for apparel and shoes.

2019 - Beconnected Russia

A new support office

In 2019 we opened a Russian support office to assist with sales in China and Hong Kong.

2020 - Poland

A new sales support office

2020 - Erve Shop

Erve's B2B webshop

2021 - Erve UK & Ireland

A UK & Ireland based company with the knowledge, support, and expertise of the established and successful Erve Group.


Proud of our past, focusing on the future

In line with our purpose, Erve continues to invest across the European continent, delivering growth to our customers, our partners, and our people.

Beconnected is an independent sourcing and trading company that’s also part of the Erve Group and is active in the Asian, African and Russian markets. Beconnected takes care of Erve orders as well as serving other customers.

Erve Europe

Erve Europe (Van der Erve NV), a part of Erve Group, began in 1985 in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Erve UK & Ireland

We design and produce high quality fashion apparel & accessories, made with love for the consumer. UK & Ireland based. With the knowledge, support, and expertise of the established Erve Group.

Company values

Erve Group’s company values are represented in our favourite medium: as animated characters with a whole lot of personality.

Erve UK & Ireland
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