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Erve UK & Ireland design and produce high quality fashion apparel and accessories, made with love for the consumer. We are a UK & Ireland based company with the knowledge, support, and expertise of the established and successful Erve Group.

As part of Erve Group, we have 8 offices across 3 continents. Starting with our in-market design teams, we source, produce, pack, and deliver collections at the request of major retailers. We have over 35 years in the industry and our dynamic team values growth, transparency, and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and ability to deliver have earned us a reputation for excellence.

Find out below why more than 35,000 retail stores across the globe choose us for licensed, branded, and private label merchandise.

Our Mission

We increase Retailer value through maximising margins and volumes
with high quality products from a reliable source.

We increase Licensor & Brand Owner value through improved market coverage
in line with brand and business expectations.

To increase value without compromise

Why choose us?

Deep Knowledge & Safe Hands

Our carefully assembled team has a vast amount of hands-on experience in the UK & Ireland apparel market and a deep knowledge of the retail sector and end consumer. We have been servicing the U.K. apparel market for many years through Pan-European retailers. Our team have held senior roles at market leading organisations (such as Disney, VF Corporation, Dickies, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hasbro) as both licensors/brand owners and licensees with a strong UK retail foothold.

Maximising Retailer Margins and Licensor Brand Value

Working with us guarantees highly competitive prices. We produce over 60 million items per year and, through our Beconnected sourcing companies, our ability to scan the globe for the best quality and prices is unmatched in the industry. Our economies of scale and purchasing power ensure retailers can secure prices that maximise their margins without compromising quality and compliance. To licensors we offer an improved market coverage in line with their brand and business expectations.


We understand that time is, and always will be, of the essence. We pride ourselves on being the fastest fashion importer in the industry. A luxury afforded to us by having a local presence in each of our production countries across 3 continents. This allows us to react to market demands and enable us to service you and your end consumer’s needs for all year round, seasonal, and promotional products.


We have highly skilled UK designers, supported by a global design team of over 20 people in 8 countries focused on ensuring we enable our customers to meet market demands with the best products at the right time. Our in-market team of trend watchers are on the pulse of UK & Ireland fashion, including market developments in fabrics, printing, embellishments, and everything in between. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

Quality, Control, Compliance & Sustainability

We have full control of our supply chain between raw materials and stores, allowing us to be a market leader in quality, control, and compliance. We are second to none in this area and support our retailers and partners to ensure the highest standards. We are highly focused on sustainable practices. We offer our retailers products that meet their end consumers growing high standards in this important area.

Financial Integrity & Growth

In an ever-changing and uncertain global economy, we are financially robust and a reliable strategic partner. Our long-term focus, risk-based approach and global reach has allowed us to invest and grow. You can rely on us for the long-term, growth is what we stand for.

At Erve UK & Ireland we offer all year round, seasonal, and promotional products that cover the end consumer’s entire day

Whether they get up, have breakfast, go out to school or to work, play, enjoy a video game, have a swim, or go back to bed, we have them covered!!!

Erve UK and Ireland, wholesale supplier (B2B), licensed apparel and private label clothing. Image: apparel and labels with erve logo

High quality licensed and branded fashion and apparel to UK & Irish consumers of all ages

Daywear, Nightwear, Underwear, Socks/Hosiery, Swimwear, Accessories, and Infant Wear

Licences & Brands
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Private Label

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Our Business

Licences & Brands

Animated movie characters, cartoons and toys that have iconic status around the globe unite all ages and cultures. Our extensive portfolio of licences include the most talked-about movies and video game releases.

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The power of a brand can never be underestimated. We have an extensive portfolio of branded apparel. These brands are managed by us through licence agreements with the brand owners or through long-term cooperation with partners in the industry.

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We’re also experts in the stringent guidelines pertaining to the application of these licence and brand agreements and can support you through the entire process of producing licensed apparel for all ages.

We work with leading fashion retailers, department stores, supermarkets, value retailers and specialty stores, creating bespoke items and collections on demand.

Plus, we manage successful Never Out of Stock (NOS) programmes for our customers.

Make an appointment with our team to learn more about our licences and brands, and how we bring them to life through clothing and accessories.

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B2B Webshop

Buy branded and licensed fashion apparel and accessories online. gives you convenient online access to our most popular designs. The store is available to small and medium-sized apparel retailers, online sellers and market traders. Simply create a wholesale account to get started.

Currently this webshop is only available for the European mainland but will be available soon for UK & Irish customers.

Private Label

In collaboration with our sister company, Beconnected we are leaders in private label apparel & accessories.

Leading department stores, fashion retailers and supermarkets depend on us to produce high quality clothing and accessories. We work closely with our customers as a sourcing and trading partner for private label apparel. Our socks, underwear, swimwear, daywear, and other quality basics are among the best in the market. With production facilities around the world, we can take care of the entire supply chain, from concept to production, packaging and delivery.

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Our Team

We believe in an organisation that operates in circles, giving everyone the chance to shine. If every individual has the opportunity to develop to their full potential, we’ll be happier and more successful as a team.

An open environment, collaboration and growing together is what we stand for. Step by step, better each time.

Sales & Purchasing

At Erve UK & Ireland we specifically choose to combine sales and purchasing. This means that your sales representative is familiar with the product and production process and that our customers receive competitive prices and a personal, swift and efficient service.

Global Design Team

Our talented design teams in the UK & Ireland, Europe and around the world thrive on creating fashion-forward pieces that your customers will respond to. They forecast trends and propose inspiring mood boards, as well as specific designs, including you in the design process.

Our global design team create innovative collections based on the latest trends, inspired by visiting exhibitions, shopping, immersing themselves in the fashion world and perusing professional literature. This way, the designers are capable of making personalised collections to meet the high standards of our customers. They also work with the licensing and marketing team to define marketing campaigns and promote new licences.

We always look to innovate, with an increasingly digitalised approach to apparel creation. Using 3D clothing creation software Browzwear to streamline and speed up the entire creative process, we create lifelike digital samples that incorporate accurate sizing, materials, fabrics, trims, colourways and stylings. It’s an exciting tool, enabling us to work more sustainably, speedily, and collaboratively.

Licensing & Marketing

The licensing & marketing team has a wide variety of tasks, ranging from creative to financial aspects. These aspects include design approval, contract negotiation and management, as well as formulating the financial status for each licence.

Our marketing team is active on social media and runs targeted email campaigns to defined audiences.


The merchandising team monitors the production process from beginning to end on behalf of our customers. Working within a dedicated, specialised team, they maintain contact with our offices in production countries and our clients.

We use digital tools such as Delogue to ensure the process is as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Supply Chain & Logistics

With 8 locations on 3 continents we can offer you the complete solution. All of our offices work according to high international standards. We’re industry experts and have extensive knowledge of all products, quality standards, regulations and all import and export documents. You can trust that we’ll deliver exceptional products on time and keep you up to date throughout the process.

We also create, produce, finance and manage Never Out of Stock (NOS) programmes for major retailers. We make sure these products, their development, colours and packaging stay up to date in every way.

Quality & Compliance

Legal standards

Erve Group meets all legal standards and is a member, partner or registered signatory of:


In order to protect future generations and to provide them with the opportunities they deserve, Erve Group also proactively supports various organisations locally and abroad.

Quality is guaranteed

Quality is guaranteed by the fact that all our suppliers have to comply with REACH legislation.

We ensure that our products are certified in accordance with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

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Erve Group has internal processes to make sure sustainability and due diligence are incorporated into daily business throughout the entire supply chain.

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Cradle to Cradle (C2C): The materials used in C2C garments are recyclable and made using renewable energy, resulting in no waste or shortages. C2C production has a positive impact on society, the economy and our planet, and we’re proud to offer it to our customers.

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Our Purpose and Values

"Growth is what we stand for
growth for our customers, partners, and our people
step by step, better each time"

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Erve Group

Erve Group is a circle of companies that give everyone the opportunity to grow.

Erve Group has 8 offices across 3 continents and we keep growing.

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Quality & Compliance

If there’s anything we take even more seriously than fashion, it’s quality, safety, the environment, and corporate social responsibility.

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