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In the world of business attire, people might be hamstrung when it comes to creativity or colour. One might wear a brightly coloured shirt, some flashy cufflinks, a patterned tie… or maybe accompany an outfit with some colourful socks. A pair of socks could be the easiest way to accessorize an outfit, showing off the wearer’s individuality and personality, while still maintaining a professional dress code., a fashion website dedicated to styles and trends, highlights that a pair of fun socks can help convey an air of confidence or a rebellious and expressive side to one’s personality, while, a site dedicated to making finding socks for your wedding easier, suggest that the ain rile when choosing wedding socks is, “If you like it, go for it.”

According to Grand View Research, the global socks market was values at $42.7 billion in 2021 and is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6,3% from 2020 to 2030. With an increasing trend of formal clothing playing a key role in boosting product demand, a desire to be versatile could also be a factor. According, formalwear will continue to be redefined in 2023. A black suit will no longer be a wardrobe staple. Instead, consumers are looking to prioritize versatility for work and events and statement-making outfits will be the order of the day for special occasions. This is estimated to increase market growth over the forecast period, along with anticipated growth in spending on health, as well as fitness, including sport socks and ankle socks. The rise in popularity of cropped trousers has also allowed extra leg room to show off a stylish pair of socks.

Creativity in socks doesn’t have to be limited to patterns and colours. London Socks Exchange has collaborated with the likes of ricks band, Queen, James Bond and Transport for London on sock collections, while younger consumers can sport “Jurassic World,” “Batman” and “PAW Patrol” on their socks, with collections from Erve.

“In recent years we’ve worked on a few selected licensed ranges with the likes of 007 (via EON), Queen (via Universal Music) and Transport for London,” says Dan Zell, founder, London Sock Exchange. “These partnerships have been a great way for us to accelerate the growth of our audience globally while continuing to create thoughtfully designed, sustainably made products which we’re incredibly proud of. Very much a win-win scenario.”

“We have been producing high-quality licensed and branded apparel for leading retailers across the globe for over 35 years,” says Arno-Laurent Dieteren, global license director and Europe commercial manager, Erve. “We are proud to say we are a market leader for licensed socks. In 2022 we produced and delivered more that 110 million pairs of private label, branded and licensed socks to Europe and the U.K. This is thanks to our dedicated sourcing, our trend watchers and in-house design teams. The socks sourcing and production is done in eight countries around the world. Our trend watchers and in-house design teams thrive on the opportunity to propose innovative products ranges and license recommendations to suit our customer’s needs. We also offer customized artworks and innovative packaging to bring our accessories to the next level.”

Sustainability in fashion was one of the core topics at Brand Licensing Europe in September and, according to Grand View Research, it’s cotton that dominated the global industry in 2021, accounting for the maximum share of more than 44,95% of the overall revenue, with further expansion expected. It’s largely down to cotton being a natural fibre free from chemical additives, which make it safe for the environment. Soft cotton socks provide more comfort than other types of materials, plus the lack of harmful chemicals makes cotton socks a good choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

– Ian Hart

Source: License Global Magazine | February 2023 | p. 74

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