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Erve is levelling up their gaming licences portfolio

As the gaming world gains momentum, we’re levelling up our gaming licences portfolio and adding a specialist to our team for support. 🎮

From today, we’re excited to announce that video game expert and licensing manager @brianmulcahy will be stepping aboard the Erve Group as our new external gaming advisor. His expertise will ensure your next collection aligns with this bustling and competitive corner of the entertainment world.

Brian Mulcahy gaming advisor at Erve
Brian Mulcahy - Gaming Advisor


Fashion front-runner Erve Group hires external gaming advisor to support their growing gaming licences portfolio

Zaventem, Brussels, 20 January 2022:
The Erve Group, industry leaders in trend-driven fashion and accessories, have today announced plans to grow their current gaming licences portfolio. The company has hired video game expert and licensing manager Brian Mulcahy as a consultant and external gaming advisor to focus on these expansion efforts.

The gaming industry is the largest, yet youngest, addition to the entertainment world and a sector that is still gaining popularity and traction among consumers. “It’s known that we have, next to our character licences and brands, a heavy focus on gaming,” said Nick Dierickx, the company’s head of licensing, EMEA. “It’s a growing pillar for the Erve Group and we’re signing new deals every month both with established games and upcoming titles.”

Create long-term growth

Brian Mulcahy joins the Erve Group as a strong supporter of the group’s long-term perspective and expertise, noting that “they have the vision of what’s possible for gaming” and are “the next best thing in video game licensing”. He is impressed with the company’s astonishing year on year growth, despite the pandemic, and attributes this success to their future-focused approach. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, and an avid personal interest in gaming, Mulcahy will help the Erve Group to navigate this fast-moving and competitive landscape.

“Our mission in the Erve Group is to create growth,” says global licensing director, Arno-Laurent Dieteren. “We are agile and are always on the lookout for developments and trends that can provide sustainable future growth. We heavily invest in long-term opportunities and we strongly believe that Brian will be of long-term added value. His global knowledge about gaming, clear and bright focus on the future of gaming and e-sports, and his many years of experience in the industry, will create long-term growth for our licence partners and customers.”

The Erve Group currently holds the licences to some of the most beloved characters in film, television and entertainment. Plans to expand their gaming licensing portfolio will improve this offering for clients and customers around the world.

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