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Meet the designers: Lina

Meet Lina, a talented fashion designer who has been bringing her creative ideas to life for many years. Originally from Lithuania, Lina completed her Fashion studies in Vilnius and has been living and working in Germany for more than a decade. She has worked with various European and Russian customers in the licenses branch, and since July 2022, she has been supporting Erve with their requests.

Working remotely between the two Erve Group companies, Lina manages a significant workload that presents numerous creative challenges, which requires self-management skills. When asked about her favorite part of her job, Lina replied, "I absolutely love my job! I get to work on a wide variety of tasks, including creating collections with private label and licenses, which allows me to use my boundless creativity and bring my best ideas to the table. I'm grateful to have a job that allows me to explore my passions and interests."

With her expertise in working with German and Russian customers, Lina understands their needs and creates solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. She believes that speed is the key to success in the fashion industry and combines it with organization, daily tasks, and focused concentration to allow her creativity to flow freely, leading to truly innovative and inspiring designs.

Lina is excited about the future of fashion design and expects a shift towards more mellow designs and natural colors in the industry. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, expecting top print quality and a perfect hand feel for garments. To keep things fresh and exciting, she's always on the lookout for new and interesting techniques, especially 3D effects for print. Looking ahead, Lina is excited to see more and more recycled garments, natural colors, comfy fittings, and modern designs hitting the market!

At Erve, Lina's passion for fashion design and her expertise in the licenses branch make her a valuable asset to the team. She's always exploring new techniques and creating unique designs that cater to customers' needs, ensuring that Erve stays ahead of the curve.

About ERVE:

Erve is a European leader in character licences and brands. We produce branded fashion and apparel featuring TV, film, cartoon and video game heroes. As part of Erve Group, we have eight offices across three continents and we control the supply chain between raw materials and stores. Starting with our in-house design team and portfolio of licences – we source, produce, pack and transport collections at the request of major fashion retailers. With 38 years in the industry, our dynamic team values growth, transparency and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and sustainable practices have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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