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Three steps to a sustainable future

At Erve Group, we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility every step of the way. Our vision of a sustainable future guides our approach to product, people, and the planet.

Watch the video to find out more about Erve’s dedication to product, people, and the planet.

The journey begins

It starts with responsibly sourced materials. We make every effort to ensure our raw materials and production processes meet high industry standards. The result? A resource-friendly product delivered with the same high quality we’re known for.

People make Erve

From product to production, people are an integral part of Erve. With a community of thousands of skilled partners worldwide, we believe that fair wages and a safe, risk-free working environment are basic human rights. Through various initiatives, we make sure the people of our community are treated with the respect they deserve.

Grow with us!

Finally, Erve believes that there is no planet B. From our packaging and beyond, we work hard to minimise our ecological footprint to preserve the planet for generations to come. That is why Erve has partnered with the Belgian company Tree-Nation to plant our very own forest. With every purchase made, we will plant a tree. Together, we will grow towards a sustainable future!

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