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We support the ACCORD

Bangladesh ACCORD on fire and building safety

A a signatory of the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, Erve Europe (Van der Erve NV) wants to speak out in support of the continuation of the Accord and its life-saving work that came as a response to the tragic Rana Plaza disaster in 2013. We must keep factories safe for workers. While improvements have been made, we believe more has to be done before responsibilities can be fully shifted to national inspection bodies.

Not only should the Bangladeshi government and local manufacturers take further actions, but also brands and retailers must step up their financial contribution to factory remediation. A new timeline is essential to ensure the transition is based on proven readiness.

In the meantime, the Accord must be left to continue its valuable efforts in creating a safer, wiser and more transparent industry. 

We stand by the Accord.
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