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Game on for gaming apparel

Tom Fabes, Gaming Manager of Erve Europe, talks about how the company deals with the ever-changing world of gaming.

Interview with Tom Fabes, Gaming Manager of Erve Europe

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Why it’s game on for gaming apparel in 2021

My dream job became a reality when I was named Gaming Manager at Erve Europe. As a keen gamer, I’d noticed a need for gaming apparel in the community. At the time working on Erve’s logistics team, I presented a plan to grow the company’s gaming portfolio and immediately got the freedom to focus on new opportunities.

Today gaming licensing constitutes a fully-fledged third pillar alongside our character licensing and brands. Recent collaborations we’re excited about are with Rocket League and Blizzard Entertainment.

Predicting popularity

COVID lockdowns might be intensifying demand, but gaming began evolving into a long-term experience pre-pandemic. Video games are no longer just a one-off commitment completed within a month.

The challenge is keeping up with gaming trends. Given apparel’s need for lead times, predicting a license’s long-term success can be tricky. We constantly monitor Twitch, YouTube, Steam and other sites and platforms. As proactive communicators, we relay our latest insights to customers so they stay up-to-date on relevant licenses.

Game longevity and gender inclusivity

With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S freshly released, I expect a lot of cool new games to long hold fans’ attention. I also expect greater gender inclusivity, as people finally realise that gaming – and its apparel – has broad appeal.

Erve Europe has plenty of projects in the pipeline. Everyone is waiting on the next big thing, and we are confident we already have this in hand. More to be shared soon!

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