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World Cotton Day at Erve!

Cotton: it’s the light, breathable fabric that keeps your skin cool in the summer months – a natural fibre that can be found in our clothing from T-shirts to socks.

To celebrate this fabric, the annual World Cotton Day shows the enduringly positive impact cotton can have. We celebrate this day at Erve because cotton plays a huge role in our day-to-day business. However, we also have to confront the downsides: regular cottons use a considerable amount of synthetic fertilisers and need a lot of water during the manufacturing process.

Organic cotton is at the top of our to-do list!

As our Managing Director Tom Rossi states, “With almost 78% of our production involving cotton, we understood that finding a greener alternative for this fabric had to be at the top of our list of to-dos.”

At Erve, three of the values that guide our everyday work and major decisions are quality, improvement and innovation. That’s why we’ve taken actions to achieve more sustainable cotton production. Tom explains:

‘Bringing it back to basics and assessing the raw materials that we were using was a big step towards reducing our overall environmental impact. We want to produce both sustainably and ethically sourced products while maintaining the high quality that we’re known for.’

We stay op-to-standards!

As part of these efforts, our Quality and Compliance Manager Kyra Claeys has taken steps to bring our manufacturing up to standard by only working with trustworthy suppliers and labels . These steps are crucial, Kyra says:

‘As we only have one planet, we’re looking for alternatives for the so called ‘white gold’. That is why we started to work with The Better Cotton Initiative, The Global Organic Textile Standard and Cotton made in Africa.’

Our three steps towards a sustainable future:

Learn more about how we care.

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