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Level 8

Erve Group is a key contributor to and adopter of Level 8
and the Fluid Organization

A unique approach to leadership

Erve Group is a key contributor to and adopter of Level 8, an open-source community of professionals who develop pragmatic, innovative, caring and connecting building blocks that combine the benefits of self-organization and hierarchy.

Organizations face many challenges and so does the Erve Group, and we are always looking for new ways to deal with them. The great thing is that every organization and every person has more intrinsic potential than you see at first glance. To realize this potential, we have co-created a number of Level 8 building blocks that bring about a pragmatic mix of self-organization and hierarchy and leadership. We want everybody to have a voice in the running, changing and steering of the company.

You can learn more about this in 'The Fluid Organization’.

Thanks to ‘Europees Sociaal Fonds’ and the ‘Vlaamse Overheid’

Three Steps Meeting

Where everybody gets a voice.

Connecting communication

Within our company, connecting communication leads to better cooperation, faster decision-making and a positive and constructive atmosphere.

Quality & Compliance

If there’s anything we take more seriously than fashion, it’s quality, safety, the environment and corporate social responsibility.


We work with leading department stores, fashion retailers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount chains and resellers.

Company values

Meet the ‘Dudas’

Our animated characters that set the tone for everything we do.

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