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Including the most beloved movie, video, game and cartoon characters

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Erve Europe holds the licenses to the most beloved
movie, video and cartoon characters

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Infants & children

A portfolio with iconic status

Including the most talked-about movies and video game releases

We never really forget the pop culture heroes we idolized in our youth.
Animated movie characters, cartoons and toys that have iconic status around the globe unite all ages and cultures.

Our extensive portfolio of licenses includes the most talked-about movies and video game releases.

We’re also experts in the stringent guidelines pertaining to the application of these licenses, and can support you through the entire process of producing licensed apparel for all ages. We work with leading department stores, fashion retailers, supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount chains and resellers, creating bespoke items and collections on demand.

We also manage successful Never Out Of Stock (NOOS) programs for our customers.

Make an appointment with our team to learn more about our licenses, and how we bring them to life through clothing and accessories.

Original design

Our dedicated trend watchers and international in-house design teams scope out up-to-the-minute developments in fabrics, printing, embellishments and everything in between.

Market leader

We are proud to
be the market leader
for licensed
underwear and socks.

Branded apparel

The power of a brand can never be underestimated.

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