A unique approach to leadership

Erve Group is a key contributor to and adopter of Level 8 and the Fluid Organisation

Erve Group is a key contributor to and adopter of Level 8, an open-source community of professionals who develop pragmatic, innovative, caring and connecting building blocks that combine the benefits of self-organisation and hierarchy. Organisations face many challenges and so does the Erve Group, and we are always looking for new ways to deal with them.

Connecting communication

Within our company, connecting communication leads to better cooperation, faster decision-making, and a positive and constructive atmosphere.

Meet the Dudas. Our values personified.

These colourful characters known as “Dudas” set the tone for everything we do.
With a name inspired by “do” (as opposed to “don’t”), and a derivation of “Buddha”, 
they guide our company’s everyday work and major decisions.

Our values are a key driver for the company since the beginning.
Each Duda represents a value.

Join our team

We love what we do and have a great time doing it. We’re open to ideas, enjoy a supportive team environment and benefit from a host of professional development opportunities.

We care

Beyond fashion, we prioritise safety for people, quality of products and care for our planet.

Growth is what we stand for

Erve (Van der Erve NV), a part of Erve Group, began in 1985 in Brussels, the heart of Europe. Erve Group has 8 offices across 3 continents, and we keep growing.

Erve (Van der Erve nv)

Weiveldlaan 41 bus 21
1930 Zaventem, Belgium

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