Erve in time


Bringing our licenses to India and Africa

Broadening the distribution of our licenses to India and Africa was always in our minds. We have set up the needed structures in both territories and are repeating the success of Europe abroad.


Touchdown Italy

We have opened our own office in Italy, Erve Srl, to serve the market with local people in their own language. Our presence in the Southern part of Europe is now secured.


Hello UK!

We have officially landed in the UK, via our Erve Ltd office.
Brexit sped up our adventure and we are now expanding our licenses and closing all the gaps in the UK market with a dedicated team in place.


Opening our own webshop

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, we have founded our own B2B webshop, offering a wide range of products for quick and easy delivery. 


Russian office

We have opened our own office in Saint Petersburg, to serve our Russian retailers with local colleagues, speaking their own language.


Beconnected industrial: own factory in Africa

A new adventure in our history is to open our own factory in Africa. Two factories under one roof, one for labeling and one for printing, were built in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.


Welcome India!

We have opened our own office in Tiruppur, India. We always want to have full control over the supply chain, which we are now able to do with our own people working close to the factories.


Hello Bangladesh

Since a lot of our production is done in Bangladesh, our own office in Dhaka is a logical step. This gives us the chance to maintain full control over our production with our local coleagues.


Ni Hao, China

The global expansion becomes reality by opening our own office in Shanghai, China. After many years of production in Euope, "Think West, Source East" is the new mindet.


The licensing adventure

Our first ever license contract is a fact. Erve's longterm partnership with Disney starts, which introduces a whole new world to the company, next to the private label business.


The establishment of Van der Erve NV

Van der Erve N.V. (as the company was originally named) was established in 1985 by Rob and Ida Van der Erve. Martijn Van der Erve, their son, further developed the company into the fashion house for licenses and brands as it stands today.

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