Starter branded apparel

Starter is a well-known American sportswear brand that was founded in 1971 by David L. Beckerman in New Haven, Connecticut. Originally, Starter primarily focused on producing high-quality athletic apparel, specifically specializing in manufacturing professional league sports team jackets.

About the Starter

Starter's popularity soared during the 1990s when its apparel became synonymous with urban streetwear culture. Celebrities and athletes often wore Starter jackets and other clothing items, further contributing to the brand's status as a cultural icon.

The brand relaunched in 2010 with a focus on retro-inspired designs, leveraging its heritage and iconic status to appeal to both nostalgic consumers and a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

Today, Starter continues to produce a range of sportswear and lifestyle apparel, blending elements of nostalgia with contemporary style. The brand remains a recognizable name in the fashion industry, celebrated for its rich history and influence on sports and streetwear culture.

Starter: The Game Starts Here.

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