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Extensive license portfolio

Meet the movie characters, cartoons and video game heroes starring in your next collection.

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Exciting news—our new web store for stock items is up and running!

We care

If there’s anything we take more seriously than fashion, it’s quality, safety, the environment and corporate social responsibility.

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Find out why 35.000 retail stores around the world call upon us for licensed and branded merchandise.

Route 66 & Basic Elle

Erve Europe expands brand portfolio with two new license deals.

More than 30 years

Erve Europe (Van der Erve NV), a part of Erve Group, began in 1985 in Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Erve Group has 6 offices across 3 continents and we keep growing.


Erve Europe produces high-quality licensed apparel for leading retailers across the globe.

Trend-driven clothing, accessories, underwear and socks

Competitive prices

Because of the volume of
garments we produce,
(more than 40 million per year)
and our ability to check prices in many different countries, we can secure prices that maximize your margins.

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