We are very happy to celebrate another anniversary of our Erve Ltd office! Erve Ltd was established two years ago to allow our Erve Group to serve our licenses and brands to the UK market and consumers.

Part of the Erve group at the BLE licensing fair
“As the UK is a mature and saturated market, we felt that instating our fully stand-alone business, with UK people serving UK customers, was imperative. With our operating model and approach to business, alongside the incredible team we have built, we succeeded in becoming a major supplier of licensed and branded apparel and accessories,” adds Tom Rossi, Managing Director of Erve Ltd.

Key milestones and highlights

One of the most significant accomplishments in the first two years of the UK office has been the development of our UK portfolio of brands and licenses. It has grown to become a strong portfolio with exclusive licenses to offer to our UK customers. “We thank our partners and licensors for their support and belief in us.” Tom Rossi, Managing Director of Erve Ltd.

For Marie Shute, Head of Operations, a standout moment was working on the Harrods Barbie collection. “I loved working on the Harrods Barbie collection. Pink, sparkle, and bling all the way. It was lovely to see it on the in-store pop-up and organizing a fun photoshoot was an incredible experience.”

Serving the local market

Our UK office plays a vital role in supporting the UK customers. The team ensures that our products are in sync with seasonal fashion trends and adhere to UK standards. Having a UK based team is really important as they have their feet on the ground there, to track trends and possible opportunities directly.

Design-wise, there are notable differences between continental Europe and the UK. Although the differences can be customer specific across markets, Amanda Cooke, one of our 3 UK-based designers, sees one key difference: “UK retailers seem more focused on updated graphic trends with value built in with additional techniques and embellishments.” Additionally, Amanda has observed the emergence of Gothic, cult rap, and rock trends among Gen Z in the UK. Overall, the demand in the UK leans towards a more edgy style compared to Europe.

Ruth Bailey, our other UK-based designer, points out differences in how licenses are handled. “When a license becomes ‘the next best thing’, the UK tend to go full throttle with it, giving the consumers what they want. In other areas of Europe they play it slightly safer.” Leon Hards also sees benefits in having direct access to retail visits, having knowledge of the regional shows and seeing what people are wearing in the streets, as opposed to what is being pushed online.

Growth Over The Past Two Years

The growth of our UK business has exceeded expectations over the past two years. Erve Ltd is now a recognized name in the UK licensing landscape and among UK retailers. This is a significant achievement in a market already saturated with well-established licensees. Lisa Reynolds, Head of Licensing, adds “This was evident at the last license awards when we were approached many times.”

Ruth underscores the importance of experience in this competitive market: “The UK- based designers already have plenty of experience in the licensing industry, specifically in the UK, and understand that the UK customers are wanting that individuality and want to stand out from the each other”.

Right from the start, our office had to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics and evolving needs of the UK market. They embraced the fast-paced world of licensed products. Jayne Wadsworth, Head of Commercial, adds, “In the current economic climate it is more important than ever that we push ourselves to be as flexible and agile as possible to help our retail partners maximise each opportunity.”

At present, our UK office is working with key customers, which is a statement to the UK team’s incredible design capabilities, developments in sourcing and their capability to offer best in class compliance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Building On The Erve Group Experience

Collaborating with colleagues across the Erve Group has allowed the UK team to grow both professionally and personally. They had the opportunity to build on the Group’s license and brand experience in Europe as well as gain insights into the diverse cultures within our offices.

This collaborative spirit extends to cross-office teams: “We share our knowledge, expertise and customer expectations to progress on various subjects such as CSR, logistics, merchandising and so on. We always strive to be ahead of the curve, forward thinking and ensure everyone has a voice to help us move forward,” adds Marie.
Lisa emphasizes that the Erve Group fosters a culture of collaboration: “This allows us to always have a colleague to support us in case of issues. We are always striving to be bigger and better and work towards being more efficient.”

The addition of UK-based designers to our global design team has also been advantageous, as they cater to both UK and European retailers. “It provides us with a deeper understanding of the wider license landscape and a unique perspective of both markets,” explains Amanda.

A Toast From Tom

“I would like to thank our team, customers, licensors and other partners for enabling us to have such a successful two years. We have some big developments on the license and brands side to announce in 2024 and are very excited to see the positive energy this brings. Growth is what we stand for. Growth for our customers, partners, and people! Step by step, better each time.”

About Erve Ltd

Erve Ltd designs and produces high quality fashion apparel and accessories, made with love for the consumer. We are a UK & Ireland based company with the knowledge, support, and expertise of the established and successful Erve Group.

As part of Erve Group, we have 8 offices across 3 continents. Starting with our in-market design teams, we source, produce, pack, and deliver collections at the request of major retailers. We have over 35 years in the industry and our dynamic team values growth, transparency, and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and ability to deliver have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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