At Erve, we take pride in our diverse and dynamic team, and today, we introduce you to Yelsi Piscador, a passionate member of our family who brings a fresh perspective to our team. With a blend of Belgian and Spanish roots, Yelsi's journey at Erve is an inspiring story of embracing new opportunities.

Yelsi's background is a unique blend of cultures, and her journey is equally distinctive. "My name is Yelsi Piscador," she introduces herself, "I am Belgian and have a little bit of Spanish roots." In 2022, Yelsi graduated in Marketing from UCLL in Leuven..

A Balance of Work and Play

Besides her work at Erve, Yelsi has a rich life outside the office. "Besides working," she says, "I am either meeting up with friends or doing sports." Yelsi's sporting passion extends to fitness and soccer. The gym serves not only as a place for physical fitness but also as a space to clear her mind. Soccer, on the other hand, brings the joy of teamwork into her life.

A Fresh Start at Erve

Yelsi embarked on her journey with Erve on September 19, 2022, and despite her relatively short time with us, she has made a positive impact both professionally and socially.

"The first months have been very positive for me," Yelsi reflects. She's had the pleasure of meeting wonderful colleagues and forging connections.

Erve: A Hub of Collegiality

Yelsi describes Erve as a place of "collegiality." Despite everyone having their individual tasks and customers, there's a strong sense of teamwork. The office environment encourages collaboration, and colleagues are always willing to provide support and guidance. This spirit of support is one of the cornerstones of Erve's culture.

A Dynamic Day at Work

For Yelsi, no two days at Erve are the same. Her responsibilities range from international supplier communications to interacting with customers. She's learned about products, manufacturing, and more from suppliers, while customer interactions provide a different dimension to her role. The diversity of tasks, including physically checking clothing items, keeps her engaged and motivated.

Passion and Pride in the Job

When asked what she likes most about her job, Yelsi emphasizes the variety. "Mainly that it is not only working on your laptop but also checking clothing in real life," she shares. The tangible connection between her work and the products on store shelves brings a profound sense of pride.

The Joy of Inspection

Yelsi's favorite aspect of her job is the meticulous inspection of clothing received from factories. Measuring garment parts, assessing overall quality, and engaging in discussions with colleagues contribute to her fulfilling role.

Embracing Positivity

Choosing a favorite Duda at Erve is a tradition, and Yelsi's choice reflects her outlook on life. "The positive duda," she explains, "as in daily life, I also have and spread the mindset to enjoy the little things in life."

The Characteristics of a Good Merchandiser

Yelsi believes that a good merchandiser should possess a helpful and social mindset. Being helpful means offering assistance when needed, even if it means temporarily setting aside one's own tasks. Being social is essential, as teamwork plays a pivotal role in the daily activities of a merchandiser.

Embracing the Unknown

Yelsi's journey is a testament to her openness to new experiences. Despite her marketing background, she embraced the opportunity to become a merchandiser at Erve. "I am glad I went for the unknown," she reflects, "considering I am now learning new things."

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