In the bustling world of fashion merchandising, Linde shines as a bright and positive presence. With a background in clinical psychology and a passion for adventure, Linde's journey into the fashion industry is as unique as it is intriguing.

"I'm Linde, born and raised around Leuven. Although my academic background is in clinical psychology, I decided to follow my passion for something entirely different," Linde shares with a warm smile.

Linde joined the Erve family in January 2022, embarking on a new chapter in her career with enthusiasm and positivity. Her experience at Erve has been nothing short of remarkable, and she is quick to highlight the unique culture that defines the company.

"Erve is a great place to work. Everyone is approachable, helpful, and always there when you need them. It feels like a big family," Linde reflects. "Erve's values align perfectly with my own - caring for people, the environment, and the world."

A typical workday for Linde showcases the diversity and dynamism of her role as a merchandiser. She begins by meticulously organizing her emails, setting the stage for the day ahead. Each day unfolds with new challenges and opportunities, from meetings and discussions to sample inspections and customer interactions.

Linde elaborates, "Every day is different, sometimes filled with meetings, other times focused on deskwork or sample evaluations. I actively participate in customer circle meetings, collaborate with my merchandiser team, and even engage in supplier negotiations, as I assist the commercial team with sock bookings. One aspect I particularly enjoy is the occasional business trips, which provide invaluable insights and connections."

What Linde treasures most about her job is its inherent variety. She thrives on the ever-changing nature of her work, viewing each day as a fresh adventure. Her role allows her to witness the transformation of product samples into store-ready merchandise, and she revels in the diverse licenses and brands Erve offers.

"I love the differentiation in my job. Every day is different, every day is a new adventure," Linde enthuses. "I cherish the opportunity to work closely with colleagues and customers. Additionally, supporting the commercial team gives me a holistic view of the process, making my work even more engaging. Business trips are a delightful bonus, as they provide valuable experiences and insights into our suppliers."

For Linde, the most enjoyable aspect of her role as a merchandiser is encountering product samples. The anticipation of receiving the first samples and witnessing their transformation into store-ready items never fails to bring her joy. Linde's inner child especially delights in working with licenses and brands, with Disney being a standout favorite.

Linde exclaims, "Who doesn't love Disney? It's an absolute pleasure to work with these items. Seeing a Disney princess or Stitch pass by is pure delight. It's like a little piece of childhood happiness in the midst of our daily work."

In the world of Erve, Duda’s play a significant role in fostering teamwork and shared values. Linde's favorite Duda, without a doubt, is "Positivity." Her penchant for seeing the silver lining in every situation is reflected in her daily approach to challenges.

Linde explains, "My favorite Duda is Positivity because I try to see something positive in everything and everyone. I believe that a smile can instantly make you feel better. As a merchandiser (or project officer), I often encounter and resolve issues that can be overwhelming. However, in these moments, I take a step back and focus on the positive aspects. What can we learn from this? How did we resolve the issue? The teamwork involved is truly inspiring. In the end, being strong and positive is key."

As a merchandiser, Linde emphasizes the importance of effective planning. She excels in identifying priorities, adapting to changes with ease, and ensuring alignment among all teams involved in an order. Her multitasking abilities and diplomatic skills make her a valuable asset in the world of fashion merchandising.

Linde concludes, "A good merchandiser must be skilled at planning, recognizing priorities, and fostering collaboration among teams. It's about ensuring a shared vision and seamless coordination in the complex world of fashion."

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Erve is a European leader in character licences and brands. We produce branded fashion and apparel featuring TV, film, cartoon and video game heroes. As part of Erve Group, we have eight offices across three continents and we control the supply chain between raw materials and stores. Starting with our in-house design team and portfolio of licences – we source, produce, pack and transport collections at the request of major fashion retailers. With 38 years in the industry, our dynamic team values growth, transparency and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and sustainable practices have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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