In a world where every piece matters, Siska stands out as a skilled problem solver, adept at piecing together intricate elements to create a seamless whole. With a background in Film & TV, Siska discovered her talent for solving life's puzzles, a skill she has seamlessly applied to her role at Erve over the past 15 years. In this interview, we dive into her unique journey and explore the heart of her work as a merchandiser at Erve.

"Taking 100 separate and different pieces and making a complete picture out of them is what I enjoy and can do at Erve as well," Siska reflects, attributing her puzzle-solving abilities to her experience in Film & TV. Her keen attention to detail and passion for crafting narratives have unquestionably shaped her path at Erve.

Siska became part of the Erve family on June 23, 2008, embarking on a journey marked by growth, transformation, and unwavering dedication. Describing Erve as her second home, she shares, "Everything around me can change, but my base at Erve remains constant." Amidst the changing tides of time, Erve remains a steadfast anchor, providing a sense of belonging and purpose.

As a company, Erve has faced its fair share of challenges, navigating the ever-changing trends and market dynamics. Siska notes, "The company has certainly evolved over the years, adapting to industry trends." This resilience is particularly evident in the face of the global pandemic, where Erve has shown adaptability and excellence, turning obstacles into opportunities.

A typical workday for Siska involves embracing the unpredictability that comes with her role. Armed with to-do lists and an organized mailbox, she approaches her tasks with a clear sense of priority and purpose. From handling administrative duties to meticulously inspecting colors, fittings, and prints, her days are a mix of diverse responsibilities.

"Our days are always different," she affirms, capturing the dynamic nature of her work environment.

Among the aspects she values most about her job, Siska's appreciation for variety and her sense of belonging to the Erve family shine through. Her involvement in crafting engaging articles, participation in licensing projects, and contribution to the world of clothing serve as constant sources of inspiration. "What I like most is the variety, being part of the Erve family, and working with interesting articles, clothing, and licenses," she states with enthusiasm.

In a world driven by technology and innovation, Siska highlights Delogue as her preferred tool, commending its transformative impact on their work processes. "It’s a game-changer compared to how we used to work," she emphasizes. The transparency it brings to internal collaboration and supplier relationships has become an invaluable asset, streamlining operations and fostering effective communication.

When asked about her favorite Duda, Siska's response underscores the essence of teamwork and support. "Support – it’s crucial for all parties to feel supported, and it’s always nice if you’re able to support someone," she articulates. This philosophy encapsulates the spirit of collaboration that defines Erve's ethos, nurturing an environment where collective efforts lead to success.

As a seasoned merchandiser, Siska offers insights into the characteristics that define a successful professional in her field. "But you do need a mix of patience and speed, a willingness to grow and learn, and the ability to be both fast and accurate," she reveals, highlighting the blend of qualities that propel a merchandiser toward excellence.

Siska's journey at Erve is a testament to dedication, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to piecing together a bigger picture from countless components. With her puzzle-master mindset, she continues to contribute to Erve's success story, leaving an indelible mark on the company's legacy.

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