Meet Camille, our Marketing Manager, who has been with us for over a year and a half, marking her entry as the very first marketeer in our group. Today, we're shining a spotlight on her, showcasing her journey and the role she plays in our company's growth and success.

Camille's entry into the company was fueled by a simple yet impactful "like" on LinkedIn, illustrating the power and reach of digital marketing. Since then, she has become an integral part of Erve, blending seamlessly with our unique culture and contributing to our vision with her endless energy and innovative ideas.

As a Marketing Manager, Camille's role is crucial. She acts as the bridge between our licensors and customers, ensuring that all license information, like upcoming movies, is communicated effectively. She supports our commercial team with pitching the right license to customers at the right time and plays a significant role in enhancing our image through initiatives like our new website launched in 2023 and our engaging social media presence.

Camille's experience at Erve has been filled with growth, challenges, and a lot of firsts. As the first full-time marketer, she had the unique opportunity to explore and enhance our marketing processes and strategies. Her enthusiasm for her work and her commitment to our company's values have not only enriched her professional journey but have also contributed to our collective success.

The Energy duda

One of the things Camille loves about Erve is our company culture, which is deeply rooted in our ten key values, represented by our 'dudas'. Her favorite, the Energy duda, symbolizes the dynamism and positivity she brings to her role, energizing those around her and propelling the company forward.

Erve's approach to partnerships, characterized by transparency and long-term commitment, is something Camille holds in high regard. Our marketing efforts, keep our customers informed and supported, making Erve not just a supplier but a trusted partner.

The marketing team has witnessed a remarkable evolution. From being a newly established team to becoming a core element of nearly all our projects. The marketing team has played a pivotal role in enhancing Erve's image, as evidenced by our rebranding efforts, enhanced social media engagement, inspiring mailings to its partners and a more modern and accessible website.

Looking ahead, Camille hints at an exciting future for Erve, with continuous growth and new ways to enhance our collaborations with customers, licensors, and partners.

Camille's journey at Erve is a reminder of the power of marketing, the importance of a supportive culture, and the potential of individual contributions to drive collective success. As we put her in the spotlight, we celebrate not just her achievements but also the spirit of innovation and collaboration that she represents!

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About ERVE:

Erve is a European leader in character licences and brands. We produce branded fashion and apparel featuring TV, film, cartoon and video game heroes. As part of Erve Group, we have eight offices across three continents and we control the supply chain between raw materials and stores. Starting with our in-house design team and portfolio of licences – we source, produce, pack and transport collections at the request of major fashion retailers. With 38 years in the industry, our dynamic team values growth, transparency and customer focus. Our exceptional quality and sustainable practices have earned us a reputation for excellence.

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